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First 48 hours of isolation tasks

Self Isolating?

Here's some things to do while Miss Paul prepares some work for you. 



  • Go to Maple Class' times tables page and practise your times tables. Year 2s you must learn your 2x, 5x and 10x tables. It would also be very beneficial to learn your 3x tables.
  • Head over to mathletics for some educational fun. Work will be set in advance for you.



  • Grab your reading book (either one from school or one from home) and have a read. Find 5 words you don't know the meaning of and find the definition using context or a dictionary. Draw a picture of your favourite character from what you picture in your mind. Write a different ending to the story you are reading. Write book recommendation or review to share with the class. 
  • Go to our spellings page and learn your spelling rule for this week. Some great activities can be found on the spelling frame website.


Useful links and sites

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