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We are now using a new spelling programme which means that children will no longer be bringing home spelling lists to learn.

Instead, we will focus on key phonemes/graphemes every fortnight with a Spell-it-Out list of fifteen words.

Children will also have a individual set of spellings called My Focus Five. 

These will be five misspelled words idendified in their independent writing.


The first set of Spell-it-Out words are available below.

These are not words to be learned, but rather words to be explored.


For example, if I know the ie grapheme in achieve, I can also spell the words: field, shield, wield...

By exploring these fifteen words over two weeks in school, children become word detectives and build up their spelling skills and knowledge.

Spell-it-Out Week 7 & 8

Spell-it-Out Week 5 & 6

Spell-it-Out Week 3 & 4

Spell-it-Out Week 1 and 2

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