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  • To design a playable game with a timer and a score.

  • To plan and use selection and variables.

  • To understand how the launch command works.

  • To use functions and understand why they are useful.

  • To understand how functions are created and called.

  • To use flowcharts to create and debug code.

  • To create a simulation of a room in which devices can be controlled.

  • To understand how user input can be used in a program.

  • To understand how 2Code can be used to

  • A single instruction in a computer program.


  • To use a spreadsheet to investigate the probability of the results of throwing many dice.

  • To use a spreadsheet to calculate the discount and final prices in a sale.

  • To use a spreadsheet to plan how to

    spend pocket money and the effect of saving money.

  • To use a spreadsheet to plan a school charity day to maximise the money donated to charity.




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