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Home learning set Wednesday 1st November 2023

Grammar: Fronted adverbials.

Write six sentences below.

Begin three with a fronted adverbial for time e.g. In the evening, and three for place e.g. Under the tree,

Can you make your sentences as interesting as possible? Don’t forget the comma!

Week 6 home learning - Set 11th October 2023

For this week’s home learning task, you have a choice of tasks that you can complete. Choose what you would like to do below and complete on your next page. Be creative!

  1. Create a map of the river Rhine including labelling countries and important cities.
  2. Retell the story of Romulus and Remus and how they battled to become the first king of Rome.
  3. Create a fact file all about Hannibal, the leader from Carthage and how he hated the Romans.
  4. Create a map that shows the route Hannibal took to attack Rome from Carthage.

Week 2 home learning set Wednesday 20th September


This week, I would like you to create a pitch all about why you should be the maple class representative for the school council this year. This can be a speech that you write, a poster to share or a fact file all about why you would be good at the job.

If you would not like to run to be our class member of school council, I would like you to design a poster all about what would make a good member of school council. Think about the qualities that this person will need to be have.

Be creative and I look forward to hearing these being presented!

Week 1 home learning set 13.9.2023


1. Complete assigned mathletics (5 activities)

2. Complete grammar activity attached below. This is already stuck in children's home learning books to be completed.

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