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Spellings Week One - Week Beginning Monday 10th January

This week's learning is all about using the sounds of phonemes to help us spell.

The key spelling rules for this week are:

YELLOW GROUP - Spelling words containing soft & hard CH sounds.

For example soft CH - chef.

The derivation of all these words is French.

And and example of hard CH - chemist.

The derivation of all these words is Greek.


GREEN GROUP - Spelling words containing IE EI.

Using the sounds of these words is an excellent way of spelling them correctly.

THE RULE - I before E except after C, when the sound is EE.

Here are a few examples:

shield - the I and E makes the sound EE, there is no C directly before the I and E so the spelling is IE.

ceiling - the I and E makes the sound EE, there is a C directly before the I and E so the spelling is EI.

neighbour - the I and E makes an AY sound, so the spelling is EI.


BLUE GROUP - Spelling homophones

Homophones are words that sound the same but have a different spelling and meaning.

Common examples include:

they're, there, their 

two, too, to

Homophones need to be learned.

Mnemonics can be useful when learning homophones.

For example - to distinguish between their and there, remember that there contains the word here:

here there & everywhere

Where is it?

Is it here?

No, it's over there.


Spelling sheets (below) are handed out every Monday.

Please complete the spelling practice each day.

Spelling Tests take place on Friday.


Spelling Practice Week 1

Common Exception Words are included here so that you can ensure you add them to the end of your daily spelling sheet.

Common Exception Words will be tested on Friday 14th January

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