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Writing - Unit Four - Novel as a Theme

Story Writing

Someday Angeline

by Louis Sacher

In this unit we will be learning about themes within a novel - what is the message of the story.

The focus of our learning will be Someday Angeline by Louis Sacher - a story of gifted child struggling to find her place in the world.  We will be learning about themes (how an author uses character and plot to explore difficult themes), plot, techniques used by authors to create specific effects, and developing and enriching vocabulary.

Our writing focus will be fiction with a specific focus on writing style techniques: use of relative clauses, complex sentences, sentence openers, short sentences for effect, use of dialogue (direct and reported speech).

Writing will also include writing linked to the novel: diary, internal monologue, letter, summary and prediction. 

Children will be learning creatively using drama techniques, annotation of text and the use of images/imagery.

Development and enrichment of vocabulary will be a key objective of this unit of learning - using a challenging text to access quality language in order to develop understanding of a wider range of vocabulary to enhance independent writing.

The unit outcome will be an extra chapter of the story written in the style of the author.

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