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Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


School Governors can be contacted through school.


For more information on the role of Governors, please see:

Whitechapel Chair of Governors - Julie Seed

Appointed 27th February 2019

I became a governor at Whitechapel in February 2019, whilst working with the Local Authority in the NHS.

I felt it was a role I could make a positive contribution to; improving outcomes for children with a holistic view. I felt it was important to understand diversity and inclusivity to support the development of all children. 


I feel I bring a different dynamic to the governing body and through my professional role I can positively support the school by challenging current practice and supporting the forward thinking of the  school teaching staff. 


It is essential to have an open mind and positive attitude with a willingness to take time to understand the mission of the school and the changing climate of education. 


Whitechapel, as a small  rural school, has challenges due to limited numbers but this leads to us having to support innovative ways of ensuring each child achieves their potential and is an excellent school to become a governor for the first time. 


It is a fulfilling role and seeing the positive outcomes for the children who thrive in the school is very rewarding. 

Chair of the Curriculum Committee- Helen Hall

Appointed 8th December 2020

As a parent governor I've found it incredibly helpful to have a much better insight into the school my children attend and understand much more about the curriculum they are being taught and how all of the children are being supported. 


Being a governor doesn't take too much time commitment and it feels like a really important and valuable way to give back to the community. 


I've learned a lot about the education system and from the skills and experience of the other governors. This has been helpful for me as a governor but also in my own personal development.


The biscuits in the meetings are an added bonus! 

Janet Pike: Member of the Resources Committee

Appointed: 22nd March 2023

I became a governor in March 2023.  Whitechapel is my local primary school and it was where my children and I were fact four generations of my family have attended this school.

I was honoured to accept the role and hope to make a positive contribution, helping to maintain it as a safe but fun learning environment.

As part of the Resource committee, I  see my role as overseeing the school's financial position both in the present and future, planning for continued success.

David Armstrong: Member of the Resources Committee

Appointed : 22nd November 2023


I have lived in Grimsargh for the past 17 years , and now that my daughter has passed through the education system I thought it was my turn to “pay back” for the support she has received.

Whilst I come from a commercial background I have previously been on the Governing body of a small rural school so I am familiar with both the challenges and fantastically rewarding benefits that a school like Whitechapel can offer.

Our children’s education is one of the most important gifts we give them and , in my own small way, helping the school deliver positive outcomes for every child is an incredibly rewarding thing to do.


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