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In this topic we will learn about how we see.  We also learn about light sources and how light travels.  In addition we will be learning about shadows, reflection and refraction of  light.

Knowledge Organiser

This knowledge organiser should be used alongside your learning as it can provide help and guidance when completing learning tasks.


The knowledge organiser outlines key facts such as the colour spectrum and how light travels.


It also includes key vocabulary - twelve key words that you need to be able to read, spell, define and use.


When completing written learning, incorporate these words.

Blended Learning Grid

The blended learning grid outlines activities to consolidate learning for this topic. 

Please complete the learning in the order outlined as each home learning opportunity follows the learning covered in class each week.

You have a choice of activities and need only complete one activity per week.

Knowledge Organisers

Below are knowledge organisers from previous units .

All new learning builds on previous learning so these knowledge organiser remain relevant.

You should refer to these documents when completing science learning.



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