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Practical ideas for Spelling

Spelling Activities

1. L,S.C.W.CH :     Look- spot the patterns in the word

                       Say- Chop the word into phonemes

                       Cover- Cover the word

                       Write- Write the word in segments

                       Check- Check which parts have been written correctly


2. Mnemonics: an idea/phrase to aid memory

said- silly ann is dancing

some – sausages on my ears

come- carrots on my ears

because- big elephants can always understand small elephants

could / would / should – over, under, little, duck


3. Quickwrite: show the word : copy carefully onto whiteboard

Write the word as many times as possible.


4. Memory write: 3 lines underneath each other

                        Copy word from the board /sheet- joined handwriting

                        Look at the word you have copied

                        Close eyes- write the word


5. Shape words: 

Draw the shape of the words with larger shapes for digraphs and trigraphs



b l ow


6. Word search: 

Write the weekly words into a grid and surround with letters.  Children

                        search for the key words in the grid.


7. Anagrams:

Using magnetic letters, mix up the words and ask your child to rearrange into the correct spelling


8. Word Pyramid:








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