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Summer 2

Animals - Planet Earth


Children will be taught to: 

  • Know that bees protect treehoppers from assassin bugs and in return the bees drink honeydew off the back of the tree-hoppers.
  • Elephants are travelling further to find water and in doing so are changing their own habitat in order to survive.
  • Climate change is on-going and a real danger to the planet.
  • Rising temperatures are causing bigger storms and larger hurricanes that threaten our coast lines. Animals are having to change their behaviours to survive.
  • Plastic is a threat to our oceans. It can be confused as food for animals and it can trap them.


Children will work scientifically by:

  • Knowing which animals depend on each other to survive both within and across species.
  • Asking questions about the extremes of earth e.g. is the fire season necessary and why? What problems does the fire season pose for animals? 
  • Sharing ideas about slowing climate change in a group and listen to the ideas of others.
  • Making observations about changes over time. Great white sharks are hunting closer to the coast so seals are working together to survive.
  • Making accurate observations about the threats to the oceans.
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