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Writing - Unit One - Myths


Greek Myths

In this unit we will be learning about myths - what features are found in myth - particularly Greek myths.

The focus of our learning will be various retellings of ancient Greek myths including versions by Marcia Willimas, James Reeves and Anthony Horowitz. 

We will be learning about the purpose of Greek myths (often a way of explaining natural phenomenon), the features including myths (e.g. gods and monsters), and the structure of myths.

Our writing will include: letters, persuasive writing, summaries and question writing. 

Children will be learning creatively using drama techniques, annotation of text and the use of images/imagery.

Development and enrichment of vocabulary will be a key objective of this unit of learning - using challenging texts to access quality language in order to develop and enhance independent writing.

The unit outcome will be a "creation" myth.

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